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Phaidros Funds - Balanced B Fonds. Epsilon Fund - Q Flexible Class Unit RD EUR Inc Fonds. Amundi Funds - Global Perspectives G EUR C Fonds. Ich freue mich auf die Beratungen in den nächsten Wochen, und ich bin gespannt, wie und ob der Europäische Rat am Dezember den Ball des Parlaments von morgen und den Vorschlag der Kommission von Mai und Juni aufnimmt und dies zu einer Priorität macht.

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Beim Brexit kann man maximal Schaden vermindern. Ein Haushaltsrahmen für das nächste Jahrzehnt könnte eine bittere, aber niedrig hängende Frucht als Demonstration von Handlungsfähigkeit, good governance, Europas sein. On our side, we will continue our hard work to advance the file as much as possible before the end of the year.

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As you may know — and this has already been mentioned — President Tusk has proposed that leaders have a substantial discussion on the MFF at the December European Council. To feed into the discussion, the Presidency will prepare a substantial progress report on the work carried out since the Commission presented its proposal. This shows — I say to Mr Fernandes, because he addressed his words to me — that the Austrian Presidency has set, and still sets, a lot of actions. I fully second what you and some others said, namely that we need actions, not proclamations. We are very well aware of the situation: that it is a crucial moment for the future of the European Union and that now is the time to set the course for a prosperous future of the Union.


However, to realise that, we need all of you to take action. We need the strong political will of all players. I already mentioned at the beginning it will be a difficult discussion, and there will be the need for difficult compromises in the end. We also hope that the progress we made on programmes, but also on the negotiating boxes will serve as a good basis for our Romanian colleagues when they take over the file in January. Let me conclude by saying that I am convinced that this debate was very valuable. I think we can make a lot more progress by the end of the year.

Nad czym dyskutujemy? Cela tombe bien, nous ne le voulons pas.

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Nous ne voulons pas augmenter les contributions nationales. Plus souvent le Conseil que le Parlement. Po raz pierwszy od lat Eh bien! Je pense que notre budget, tel que nous le proposons, va dans cette direction. Der Präsident.

Debates - Tuesday, 13 November

De Unie moet over voldoende slagkracht beschikken om deze het hoofd te kunnen bieden, ook op begrotingsgebied. Maar minstens even belangrijk is het ervoor te zorgen dat dit geld ook juist besteed wordt. Belangrijke leidraden daarvoor zijn onze verbintenissen die voortvloeien uit het klimaatakkoord van Parijs en uit de doelstellingen voor duurzame ontwikkeling SDG's.

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Bovendien konden we in het tussentijds verslag het standpunt doordrukken dat heel het MFK gericht moet zijn op het behalen van de SDG's. Dit betekent dat alle investeringen die hiermee niet in overeenstemming zijn, of die die doelstellingen ondergraven, moeten worden stopgezet. We willen een Europese begroting waarin alle investeringen bijdragen aan een sociaal en duurzaam Europa, dat de burger centraal stelt. Die Sitzung wird um What really saddens me is that the Commission, together with the chosen ones, used manipulation and misleading facts that would make this report — the way they proposed — look good but, unfortunately, on paper only.

Mam tu mieszane uczucia. The study of psychology sometimes gets a bad press, but it does teach us that the changes we make make human beings uncomfortable. But, if nothing else changes, climate will continue to change and human beings will suffer the consequence. Climate leadership is not about playing to the fear of change. Real leadership is about accelerating those changes that must happen and making them work for people. Improved energy efficiency can deliver real gains for those struggling with fuel poverty.

However, in reality, many in fuel poverty are hard to reach and can be ill—equipped to take advantage of the measures on offer. If energy demand and reduction is to go hand—in—hand with an end to fuel poverty, every Member State will need a clear programme, ensuring that energy companies are better able to develop smart networks and incentivised to meet the social obligations of those suffering fuel poverty. Member States would be obliged to increase their energy savings by 0. This could bring significant benefits, including encouraging the improvement of energy efficiency in our buildings.

Therefore, improving the efficiency of our buildings will not only bring cost savings to energy users but will also make emissions reductions and increase our energy security for reducing import dependency. Improving energy efficiency is a win-win situation for us all. Well done to Markus Pieper and all involved. We will now have mandatory energy saving targets in place in all countries, and for the first time an obligation for Member States to specifically help vulnerable consumers, creating more jobs, better housing and solidarity for those who struggle to pay their energy bills.

However, it does at least encourage the necessary transition away from fossil fuels. I particularly welcome the new right UK citizens will gain to store and sell electricity they have generated at a fair price. This is a great boon for the Community Renewables Project I have championed across South—West England.

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On biofuels, the news is less good. Using food crops for fuel causes environmental damage and threatens food security, though agreement to end the scandal of wiping out rainforests to grow palm oil to put in our cars is at least a step in the right direction.

In the UK, Brexit threatens even this unambitious progress, since it was driven by a coalition of elite interests including those who oppose action on climate change. This is why Extinction Rebellion, a civic movement demanding urgent action on climate breakdown, is so vital, and we must ensure that the UK continues to match EU sustainable energy targets in the future UK trade deal. As EPP rapporteur on the Renewable Energy Directive, I welcome that Member States will be required to set out detailed climate and energy plans outlining how they plan to reach the targets.

While our renewable energy target is not binding at national level, it is binding collectively, and the Commission will be legally required to ensure that it is met. The system we are putting in place in this regard is positive.

The Commission will assess the draft plans and issue specific recommendations in the event that the plans are not up to scratch. Member States will now be legally bound to take due account of these recommendations, and if they do not address the recommendations, they must make the reason public. If the Commission concludes that the contributions included in the final plans are not sufficient for the EU to meet the overall targets, the Commission will issue recommendations to the relevant Member States to increase their ambition.

If they do not, the format that we agreed in the Renewable Energy Directive kicks in. I would thank my colleagues, especially Ms Delahaye, Mr Hökmark and Mr Turmes, who has now left after doing much good work. Only those who would deny the overwhelming evidence would doubt the urgency of the transition to renewable energy. It is a massive change that is needed, and we need real political leadership to make it happen. In my South East constituency with chalk aquifer geology, not only is shale gas fracking a backward step, it is a reckless gamble with unproven side effects.

Fracking has been talked of as a bridge to a low-carbon future, but the evidence suggests anything but that.

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But, if we are to lead, we also need to recognise our responsibility to ensure that those who work in conventional energy should be part of the transition to renewables and not its casualties. That is why we need to secure, as a start, the EUR 4. Rosa D'Amato, a nome del gruppo EFDD. Gli incentivi statali alla produzione di energia rinnovabile restano facoltativi. Quindi, per far quadrare i conti sotto le rigide condizioni dell' austerity , sotto le condizioni imposte dall'Europa sul bilancio, molti Stati saranno impossibilitati ad applicarli.

Rischiamo una corsa alla deforestazione, un incremento dell'inquinamento da particolato, con un impatto quindi negativo sull'ambiente e sul clima. Ma soprattutto abbiamo ottenuto una vittoria storica, abbiamo riconosciuto il diritto e permesso ai cittadini di diventare prosumers — produttori e consumatori —, a livello individuale o collettivo, dell'energia rinnovabile, immettendo in rete quella non consumata e ricavandone una quota almeno pari a quella di mercato, senza oneri e tasse sino al Renate Weber ALDE.

Monica Macovei ECR. Norica Nicolai ALDE.